Public Health

Public Health

Public Health is a very broad term covering a large number of areas of healthcare. Public Health refers to all efforts to protecting health, preventing ill health and prolonging life in the population as a whole.

It is commonly separated into six areas although there is quite a bit of overlap between them.

Health Improvement – This mainly involves the impact on people’s lifestyles, such as smoking reduction, engaging in safer sexual behaviour or healthy eating and exercise. 

Health Protection – This involves areas such as control of infectious diseases, vaccination programmes, food safety and protecting against various environmental hazards.

Academic Public Health – Conducting research into various areas of public health and/or teaching about public health.

Health and Social Care Quality – Investigating and improving the quality and standards of services which impact health.

Strategy and Policy – Creating policies, implementing them and measuring their impact.

Public Health Intelligence – The collection and analysis of data to impact the health of particular groups or the population as a whole.