• Recordings of careers workshops and events

    Use the tabs above or the following links to navigate to recordings by topic:

    Career insights from alumni and employers - recordings of panel discussion events and talks by a range of alumni and employers;

    Sourcing and applying for jobs - purpose-made recordings and recorded live workshops giving guidance on:

    • Where to find relevant jobs advertised;
    • Strategies for sourcing opportunities that are not advertised;
    • Making effective use of LinkedIn to research options and build your network;
    • Writing effective CVs and applications;
    • Preparing for interviews;
    • Applying for further study.

    Exploring career options
     - purpose-made recordings and recorded live workshops providing insight into the range of roles LSHTM graduates typically go on to, along with workshops on making career choices.

    Further study - recordings of workshops on finding, funding and applying for PhDs, plus talks and events giving insight into academic careers.

    Digital accessibilityThe London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for as many people as possible.  For more information please see the accessibility section on our website, which includes our Moodle accessibility statement.  Please contact careers@lshtm.ac.uk if any of our resources require adjustment in order to be accessible to you.

    Please note: Recordings created from September 2020 onwards are accompanied by automatically generated subtitles and transcript by Microsoft or Panopto. This is not always 100% accurate.