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    Welcome to the booking page for appointments with your careers consultants.

    • Availability

      One to one appointments are available for:

      • 'intensive'/face to face master's students
      • research degree students
      • students on the professional diploma programmes (DTN and DTM&H) 
      • students who have graduated from any of those programmes within the last two years

      We offer online or in-person appointments - when booking, please check carefully which you have selected.  In-person appointments are usually on Mondays and Fridays.

      If you have a disability or health condition please contact careers@lshtm.ac.uk to discuss any adjustments you might need in order to be able to make full use of our appointments, events or resources.

      If you have booked an in-person appointment but wish to change it to online please email us on careers@lshtm.ac.uk by 8.30 am on the morning of the appointment.  We are following the LSHTM guidelines on coming to campus so if you have an in-person appointment booked but test positive for COVID or have any symptoms, please contact us on careers@lshtm.ac.uk to cancel the appointment or switch it to an online one.  

      If you are travelling to campus specifically to attend an in-person appointment please check your LSHTM emails before leaving home as we will have to switch to online delivery if we test positive on a day we would be coming to campus.

    • Careers appointments

      • 30 minute appointments with a careers consultant, available Monday - Friday.
      • Available to book up to 2 weeks in advance.
      • Check appointment details when booking (particularly whether it's in-person or via Zoom)
      • Book here:
    • Practice interviews

      • 45 minute appointments with a careers consultant (allow an hour in your diary)
      • Available to book up to 6 days in advance.
      • Check appointment details when booking (particularly whether it's in-person or via Zoom)
      • Book here:
    • Location

    • No available appointments?

      • More careers appointments are released most weekdays for dates two weeks ahead
      • If you have an interview scheduled but can't find an available practice interview, email careers@lshtm.ac.uk - we'll try to help if we can.
      • See the Applying for jobs or further study section to find lots of resources and service to help with applications, interviews and job hunting.