• Online Careers Fairs

    Our Online Careers Fairs will be held on Wednesday 24th January 2024 from 12:00-14:00 (UK time). You can join online via Zoom HERE

    We ask the employers who attend to complete a questionnaire so you have information about them before the day to help you identify who you would like to meet.  All of those we select are employers/organisations interested in LSHTM students!

    We also run a session on 'Making the most of the careers fair', you can access the Panopto recording (with automatically generated captions) HERE

    Information about the employers attending this coming January will be given in the tabbed display below - click through the tabs to read about each employer.  They have each been asked to provide information about:

    • The organisation and its work;
    • The experience/qualifications they typically look for in applicants;
    • Particular student groups their roles are likely to be of interest to (eg particular MSc programmes, diploma programmes, RD students);
    • Typical job roles at that organisation;
    • Whether they are currently recruiting;
    • Where is the world roles are typically located;
    • Whether they sponsor visas/organise work permits where applicable.

    The following employers have confirmed their attendance so far for January 2024:

    • Alira Health
    • Analysis Group
    • Aquarius Population Health
    • Ashanti Development
    • Calcutta Rescue Fund
    • Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA)
    • Christian Medical Fellowship (Global Department)
    • Doctors with Africa CUAMM
    • Genesis Analytics
    • ICRC
    • International SOS
    • IQVIA
    • Knowledge for Change
    • Malaria Consortium
    • Médecins du Monde
    • Medecins sans Frontieres UK
    • Novartis
    • P95
    • Portland Communications
    • Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
    • UK HSA