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      30 minute appointments with a careers consultant are available in G27, Keppel Street every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  If you have trouble booking an appointment, careers@lshtm.ac.uk 

      We're happy to arrange telephone, skype or email appointments. Please book an appointment below and then email us your name, appointment time and date, what format you require, and your contact details. 

      Please ensure your time zone is set to UK time, as this affects the appointment times that you see. 

      Practice interviews 

      Instead of using the link below please email careers@lshtm.ac.uk to book a practice interview

      Practice interviews take longer than the usual 30 minute appointments. Once you've booked a practice interview please email us with details of the role you will be interviewed for. This information must arrive the day before your appointment, at the latest, so that the careers consultant has time to prepare.