Job Hunting

Finding part-time vacancies

EU/UK Students

Where to start?
Search for part-time jobs on LSHTM JobOnline -

Vacancies at LSHTM

  • LSHTM HR Department advertises vacancies at the School, on
  • The University of London Temp Agency is a professional recruitment agency offering a specialised and tailored service to both students and employers. They place students in both temporary and permanent positions working with The University of London, its associated Colleges and institutes as well as with external businesses. Our aim is to provide a personal and high quality employment solution for students and employers. Search for current vacancies online now.

Other sources of vacancies

Job hunting websites

Recruitment Agencies

A list of recruitment agencies can be found in the Yellow Pages, You may find it useful to search for agencies who specialise in a particular sector, such as health. Examples of some larger generic agencies are:

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation promotes good practice and, therefore, all agencies
that are registered members must comply with its standards. You can check whether a recruitment
agency is a member on

Other methods

  • Local shops (especially newsagents) often advertise local and domestic jobs in their windows
  • Local councils may have vacancies e.g. for part-time teaching assistants, administrative assistants and care work.
  • Camden Council –
  • Westminster Council –
  • Islington Council –
  • Local leisure centres, hospitals and business/retail parks are also worth trying. Search your local telephone directory or the Yellow Pages -
  • Many jobs are seasonal, so think about the time of year and which roles companies may be recruiting, e.g. retailers and restaurants will be recruiting extra staff to cope with the Christmas rush; tourist attractions will be recruiting extra staff to help them over the Easter and summer periods.

International Students

What work can I do?
Part-time work is valuable for many different reasons: earning money, improving your English, getting UK work experience, trying out your career ideas and gaining experience and skills for full-time work.

Think broadly about the types of work you could do off campus:

  • Shop work: clothes retail, hair and beauty, chemist, newsagent (shops often
  • have extra work around Christmas)
  • Hospitality: bar, pub, restaurant, cafe
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • Market research: for companies looking to establish themselves in new countries
  • Language teaching: private tuition or in a language school
  • Local council jobs: libraries and other community services
  • Tourist attractions: may also have extra work in the summer
  • Health services: hospitals, surgeries and clinics
  • Film work: non-speaking roles as an extra
  • Publicity work: street fundraising and flyering

How much work can I do?
If you are from the EEA there are no limitations on the number of hours you can work. For those from new EEA member states, you need to register under the ‘Worker Registration Scheme.’ If you are from outside of the EEA and have a student visa, you can work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations.

Getting a National Insurance Number
You will need a National Insurance Number so make sure to contact your local Job Centre for details - or call 0845 601 0142. Please note that in order to be issued a National Insurance Number, you will need to provide proof of employment or proof that you are actively seeking a job.

For further assistance and the most up-to-date information on tax issues or National Insurance queries, contact the LSHTM Student Advice and Counselling service They can offer advice on immigration and welfare matters.

What’s the best way to apply for jobs?

  • Jobs in shops and places to eat and drink are often advertised in their window or inside, or in a local news agent. We advise going into shops and cafes/restaurants in person, asking if they have any vacancies and leaving your CV with them for any current or future vacancies.
  • Get your CV and cover letter checked by a Careers Consultant
  • Search online on the available recruitment agency sites. When using recruitment agencies see if the agency is listed at, the professional body for recruitment consultancies in the UK and members will have agreed to operate under the REC code of conduct.

What are my working rights?
Your employer has to give you a contract of employment within two months of you starting work. They are acting illegally if you don’t get a written contract or if you get all or part of your wages paid in cash. Remember, a contract protects you and gives you certain rights. Please take a look on the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website on

Also check these sites as well:

What if I still can’t find work?
Improve your English by mixing with UK students and by volunteering. Check out

Sources of Vacancies for Part-Time Work

Job Hunting Websites

Recruitment Agencies

Please note: You should never have to pay an agency to find you a position.

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