Included in the folder are helpsheets and articles with guidance on how to prepare for and impress at interview as well as some questions you might face. 

LSHTM Careers has partnered with eCareersGrad to provide access to this modular, video-based, interactive Interviews course.  The course includes:

  • 30+ high quality student-led video answers highlighting what good looks like (and doesn’t) for popular sectors including the NHS
  • All videos include accompanying recruiter commentary and written answer transcripts
  • 10+ recruiter answer scoring guides and illustrated answer structures for dealing with introductory, motivation, competency, strength-based (and weakness), scenario and other common questions
  • Spotlights on mastering 1-way video interviews, interactive exercises, multiple choice ‘knowledge-checkers’ and more
Whilst many of the examples given come from interviews for corporate organisations including consulting, banking, law and finance, the principles of good interview answers are applicable much more widely than that.  This resource may also be particularly useful if you are applying to consultancies.

We also have Interview Stream video interview preparation softwareGo to Interview Stream and click on the 'sign up' button to create an account. You can practice video interviews created by careers staff in “Created for me” or create your own practice interview by selecting questions from a question bank in “Custom interview”.

For management consultancy case study interviews we recommend If you're committed to some extra preparation, we recommend the book Case in Point 9: Complete Case Interview Preparation, by Marc P Cosentino.